There is no Incurable Illness!

Why does somebody recover while the person next to him does not? Why do we get ill, and why exactly with the disease we have? Can we recover from illnesses deemed to be incurable by medicine? What do we have to do to reach the desired healing?

There are some rules of illnesses and healing in our created universe, which rules are mandatory to be implemented in our daily life. To keep that as it is. LIFE.

I would like to invite You to a short „walk of life”. Would You like to discover how the miracle of healing happens in the life of a human being? And of course personally how it works in Your life?

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Illness? Choose total Recovery instead!

Yes, it depends mainly on our decision. The first decision is to read this book, or not. Take the pill or not. Belive in the effect of the pill, prayer, doctor, treatment, God's will, or not. So, we might chose our future, don't we? I wish You will chose the right "pill" with this book to get out of the matrix of the illnesses of Yours. May I guide You from illness to total recovery?

Erase Your Fears
Yes, the book and it's message encourages You and give you power which needed for the fight against the diseases.
Save Time
Order now and from Illness to Healing book will be delivered to Your hands within 2 weeks. We pray for all our readers and through each sent books to reach our common aim: light up the darkness, give hope, bring courage and healing to You personally.

Some sample chapters

The book containes the theory of illnesses - how and why they attack us, personally ME -   and a step-by-step realization phases - what we should or what we HAVE TO do against them. The message and it's development has been based on a linear way. I would suggest to read the book from the beginning to the end, without any jumping within chapters. 


(which, in this case, contains indispensible information and therefore should be read to the very end)

Gentle Reader, I am asking for your permission to tell you about the aims and reasons why I wrote this book.

Chapter 1

"The wish for healing has always been half of health." Seneca

How does healing takes place in the human body? Why can illnesses evolve in the first place? Is it our fault or but a fatal and definitive co-action of genetics and environmental effects?

Chapter 6

Psychosomatic Diseases

This term is often heard and I daresay different resources have a different interpretation of it. Medicine construes it narrowly and only based on proven cases, identifying it as an illness group rooted in the psyche.

Chapter 17

Psychic Factors in the Formation of Cancer

No matter in what organ this disease originates, it is a threat to the whole of the body. The outstanding position cancer has achieved among all other threats to our health is shown by the amount of dread, or almost superstitious horror, with which society regards it.

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The Testimonials

Thousands of readers has been experienced the power of from Illness to Healing in Hungary, in the heart of the European Union during the past few years. The second edition is available in English now. Join to the pleased and healed readers!

Katalin, 78 years old

I had several illnesses and I thoughed it is because of my age. Then I found this book and it surprised me. Aging in health and good mental and phisical condition? Healing power through words, sentences and pages? And it works! I read it as a habit week by week, it works like an immune-therapy in my life, helps in defence against illnesses. Keeps my mind on the positive side, against worry.

Bence, 16 years old

My story is very easy. I was hit by a car when I was 8. My mother met the author of Illness to Healing at the hospital where I layed in coma for weeks. They started to fight and knocked, knocked on Heavens door for me continuously, and did not let the doctors to shut down the breathing machines. Just fighted for me and I felt the power of their prayers while I was in coma and suddenly I woke up! Then within a short term I totally recovered. We have to know how does healing works in our body and soul. I got a new life, I want to keep it.

Judith, 43 years old

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. I boughed a lot of books and searched on the internet, what to do. I boughed from Illness to Healing as well, and this unique book has been convinced me that I have chance to bypass the meeting with the death as young as I am (I was 40). I filled up with power through the words of it, and now I am convinced, because it happened with me, I will never lose this experience! I have all my breasts, without cancer at all. Thanks, I am in health!

Jozef, 77 years old

I had brain tumour 4 years ago, which shocked me down. Somebody gave me the book, and it changed my mind! I have decided that I will be healed and the treatment will be succussful. And it was! So I am totally healed, and I live and enjoy my life, it is really a nice one!

About The Author

Ferenc C. Czinke

Life Coach, Pastoral psychologist, Mental hygienist

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